Is it bad that I just spent the last hour reading Jeff Baij’s twitter? Probably. Best hour of my life though. I can’t tell if I want this kid to marry me or be the weird uncle at my family reunion. Either way I definitely think he should turn my cat into a weird gif. I’ll give you twenty bucks Jeff, seriously. I know he’s got a bad UMW blog rep, mostly because I spent the hour before I discovered his twitter account reading the negative reviews on random UMW blogs. This may be the best homework assignment ever. Thanks Jake.


But I don’t understand why all the hate mail from my fellow peers? Come on guys, how could you not love a face like this? He’s even got a cool last name with a silent j in it. You really can’t get much more hipster who got photoshop for Christmas last year than this guy. I just feel like there’s something in his artwork that we’re all missing. Like he knows something that we naïve undergrad digiarts students and the rest of the world doesn’t. And if you’re doubting my argument, any and all evidence of this theory can be found in his piece entitled “Urnips: da exact color of ur nipples” (My personal favorite)


Pure genius Jeff, pure genius.

I like this so much I just made it my desktop background. It may also become a color at my wedding. Congratulations Baij.

I don’t understand how someone could not love Jeff, if not for his artwork than at least for the silent j in his name or his award winning twitter feed (which you have to read right now, it’s a beauty. Link below, you’re welcome)

Hater’s gonna hate Jeff, you just keep doing you. And seriously, twenty bucks for a gif of my cat, the offer’s still on the table.

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