Noah “Skull-in”


Skull-lad. (Like salad, get it?)

This dude makes me feel like such an underachiever. When I grow up, I want to be like Noah Scalin. Maybe I would make a cat a day. 365 cats. It would be like the crazy cat lady of art projects. My favorite days are the ones where Scalin makes skulls out of food. Because really, edible art is what I live for. I wonder if he used the vegetables from the skull to make a “skull-lad” or “skull-fry”. So many skull jokes. On artistic terms though, the fact that this guy used the exact same subject in 365 pieces, plus a leap day one (talk about over achieving), while still managing to make each piece unique and completely different from all the others is truly an impressive feat. The variety and quality in each piece, especially considering that each one was made within a 24 hour period, is crazy. Skulls are cool and all, but how about making a cat a day Noah? 365 edible pieces of cat art. Now that would be impressive.


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